Avocado, Eggs and Goats Cheese on Toast

At the moment I'm having to keep things simple, and I'm giving you my everyday recipes. These are what I tend to eat most days, and what I adapt for my family. This one is no exception. Just a simple, boiled egg and avocado on Sourdough with Goats Cheese. This is an awesome and adaptable … Continue reading Avocado, Eggs and Goats Cheese on Toast

Fig & Goats Cheese Open Sandwich

This is the most indulgent, tasty sandwich, and at the moment figs are in season and are everywhere. I believe that the perfect accompaniment is always goats cheese, and it just brings out the most beautiful flavour in the figs. For me, it just shouts Autumn; the rich colours and indulgent taste always reminds me … Continue reading Fig & Goats Cheese Open Sandwich