Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m a keen home cook, a Mother to a wonderful 7 month old boy, and a wife to my lovely husband, James.

I’ve always loved cooking, and have always strived to keep a big variety in what I cook at home, as we can all too often cook the same meals over and over, or just go for meals out when we’re tired or stressed. But I believe that good food can nourish the soul!

Now our little man has started eating solids, I’ve had to adapt my cooking to be as inclusive as possible for him, whilst avoiding sugar and salt, and a few other foods they aren’t allowed until 1 year old. This has been a nice challenge for me, especially as I have decided to cook all of his meals at home, and to avoid any ready made meals. This is a personal choice, as I want to know exactly what my baby eats, and I want it to be as healthy and balanced as possible. Therefore, for most of my recipes I will include a sentence or two on how to adapt the meal for a little one where possible.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Its written with love, and I look forward to welcoming you into my food journey and be part of my kitchen story!


Natalie xx