Fig & Goats Cheese Open Sandwich

This is the most indulgent, tasty sandwich, and at the moment figs are in season and are everywhere. I believe that the perfect accompaniment is always goats cheese, and it just brings out the most beautiful flavour in the figs. For me, it just shouts Autumn; the rich colours and indulgent taste always reminds me of Autumn/Winter.

I also needed something super quick today as my son has been unwell and he doesn’t like me leaving him for a minute – even to eat or drink! He simply wants Mummy cuddles all day long. Therefore I had to get my skates on to get this on the plate. My son also helped me polish off a few figs – he absolutely loves them. He couldn’t have the sandwich as he has tonsillitis and it would just be too painful for him, so he had fishcakes and vegetables for lunch. If you decide to make this for baby or young children, make sure that the cheese is full fat, but not mould ripened or soft blue as this can be harmful to them.


Love, Natalie x


Sourdough Bread
Goats Cheese
Figs, quartered


  1. Toast the bread. Spread the goats cheese on the toast, then top with figs. Simple 🙂

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