My Little Man’s Favourite Sweet Potato ‘Fries’

Hi There,

Tonight I decided to make my little man some of his favourite sweet potato ‘fries’. Of course, these are not fried, but baked, and they are delicious. I make a mixture of ones with skin on and off, as he tends to eat them in 2 ways: 1. He bites down onto the the potato and scrapes the flesh out, or 2. he just gobbles the whole thing down as it is! He doesn’t always want to eat them one way or the other, so I always make both. He really makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes.

I really love these too. The sweet paprika really brings out the flavour of the potato and they go well with most meals. What I love most about these is that I can cook up a batch and pack them up as part of a lunch for tomorrow as they’re easily transportable.

I hope you enjoy these too.

Love, Natalie x


1-2 Sweet Potatoes, cut into sticks about 1-2cm thick
1/2 – 1 tsp Sweet Paprika
Couple sprays of olive oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Spread the fries out on a baking tray, making sure that they have space between them. Spray them with a few pumps of olive oil, then sprinkle the paprika. Turn them over so they are coated on both sides.
  2. Cook for 20 -30 minutes until they are going slightly brown and are lightly crisped on the outside, and serve.

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