Baby Bowls – ‘Left Overs’ Fritters

Hi there,

Last night I cooked a beautiful roast chicken, and today I have been busy using up the left overs. I’ve been making a gorgeous bone broth with the chicken bones, and I have used the broth as part of my chicken and sweetcorn chowder, which also uses the left over chicken (recipes to come). I am still on a mission to reduce food waste as much as possible and I’m doing simple things like saving all of my left over cuttings of veg in a bag in the fridge, and using them for when I make bone broth. I knew I was going to be doing these recipes and to try and plan ahead with my little man in mind, so I did the whole roast without adding any salt. Roast dinner is something I usually salt quite heavily, but I think that as I’ve been cooking without salt for quite some time now, my tastebuds have adapted!

We went out for a long family walk in Wimbledon Common today, and as my feet were tired this evening I wanted a super simple meal, and decided to give my little boy left over roast dinner. I was going to serve it as I did last night, but then thought that I’d give him a bit of a change in texture and taste. It’s surprising how foods can taste quite different when you just adjust the texture and cook them slightly differently, but is possibly one of the easiest things you can do to keep things varied for your children. It’s also perfect soft, finger food.

I hope you enjoy these.

Love, Natalie x


Couple of sprays of Olive Oil
Left over roast potatoes
Left over vegetables (I used carrots)


  1. Mash the left overs together. Shape into fritters. Heat a frying pan and add the olive oil spray. Add the fritters and cook for a couple of minutes on each side until golden, then serve.

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