The Devil’s Punchbowl Highcome Hike

Family Day Out at the Devil’s Punchbowl.

Today we walked the Highcome Hike at the Devil’s Punchbowl. This is the second hike we have done here. We started off with a bit of lunch at the National Trust Café. It was super busy, but we finally managed to get a table and have some food to fill us up for the walk ahead. My husband and I had the standard jacket potatoes, which were nice, but I made my son some of the sweetcorn fritters for his lunch (although I forgot to take the photo!), as they are easy to transport and eat on the go. Click the ‘sweetcorn fritters’ above for a link to the recipe.

This was a lovely hike – we saw lots of Wildlife, and almost bumped into Mr fox! We also saw cows and horses, and bumped in to a few other people and their dogs on the trail. My son was just taken in by all the nature. It’s so wonderful to watch him looking out at the world. He absolutely loves being in his Child Carrier. All we hear is giggles from him as he’s looking at the trees, and he seems to be really comfy.

In terms of terrain, this one is is medium to tough. We went left from the car park to start the trail, and it was a gentle slope for a mile or so, but the last mile was a gruelling uphill section where I was carrying the child carrier, and I can tell you – it certainly made me huff and puff!!

We’re heading out again over the bank holiday weekend, and I’ll put up a few more blogs about the food we take on the way.

Love, Natalie x

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