Barbecue Chicken FlatBreads

Hi there,

Tonight I needed a really fast recipe, and decided to take a shortcut on my cooking, so I made this little beauty. I love to shop in our local Asian Supermarket, and picked up a BBQ sauce, which has just sat in my cupboard waiting for the right dish. I knew I wanted something with the flatbreads as they were about to go out of date, so after raiding the cupboards I came up with this dish.

I decided not to give any of the BBQ chicken to my son as it would be too salty for him, and if I haven’t made the sauce myself I don’t know what is in it, so I feel a bit edgy about giving it to him. Therefore I just marinaded a couple of chunks of chicken in olive oil, pepper and thyme, and cooked it off before I did the rest.

This is honestly so simple and tasty, you should give it a go and let me know how you did your take!

Love, Natalie x

Ingredients (serves 4):

3 tbsp BBQ Sauce
3 clove of Garlic
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 tsp Mustard
Pepper, to taste
1-3 tsp Sriracha Sauce
4 Chicken Breasts, cut into chunks
1/2 Iceberg Lettuce, shredded
1 Green Pepper, sliced into strips
1 Red Pepper, Sliced into strips
6 Cherry Tomatoes, quartered
4-6 tbsp Greek Yoghurt
1-2 tsp Chipotle Sauce
6-8 Flatbreads


  1. Mix the BBQ sauce with the garlic, lemon juice, mustard and pepper. Taste, then add the sriracha sauce 1 tsp at a time, and taste until the correct heat for you. Add the chicken breasts and mix through.
  2. Add a tbsp Olive Oil to a wok or frying pan, then add in the chicken breasts and cook until no longer pink in the middle. Take out the chicken, then add the peppers and tomatoes.
  3. Add the lettuce, peppers and cherry tomatoes to the flatbreads, then add the chicken.
  4. Mix the greek yoghurt with the chipotle sauce and dollop over the top.

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