Halloumi, Mushroom and Spinach Bowl

I needed a fast lunch today, and it had to be one where I wasn’t prepping a different meal for my baby. I always have halloumi in the fridge. I LOVE it! I honestly think there are very few things that come close to eating fried halloumi on a salad. I love the crispy outside and soft centre. It is perfect, and high protein – winner!

Whilst checking through my fridge for a salad I always search to see what is going out of date, and today it happened to be spinach and mushrooms. Therefore, I decided to make this super fast, super easy lunch for anyone on the run.

My baby isn’t eating salty foods or salty tasting foods yet (he is 6 and a half months and has been weaning for 6 weeks), so I decided that he would have left over cooked chicken breast with his salad.

Halloumi, Mushroom and Spinach Bowl (serves 1 and a baby):


125g Halloumi Cheese

100g Baby Spinach

2 small or 1 large Portobello Mushroom

Salt and Pepper

Balsamic Vinegar

3 Tbsp Olive Oil

Optional – Sweet Chilli Sauce


Heat the frying pan to a medium heat with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Slice the mushrooms, and add to a saucepan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Heat the mushrooms on a low heat until your desired softness and take off the heat. Add the halloumi to the frying pan and cook on one side for a minute until the bottom starts to brown. Then flip it over until it is browned on the other side, and quickly serve on top of the spinach leaves and cooked mushrooms. For babies you may want to steam 10g of the spinach leaves a little to soften them, then top with a small amount of the mushrooms and your topping of choice. For the adult, season your dish with salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a little sweet chilli sauce if desired.

I hope you enjoy.




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