Baby Bowl – Super Quick Aubergine Stew

At the moment I'm having a relaxing weekend with my family, and thought I'd show you a good, quick, recipe that you can cook up anywhere. All you need is a pan and a handful of ingredients, and you have a nutritious, healthy meal for you all. I'm keeping this short and sweet today, but … Continue reading Baby Bowl – Super Quick Aubergine Stew

Cauliflower & Halloumi Salad, Harissa Yoghurt, with Carrot & Ginger Chutney

Good Morning, Last night we fancied a treat, and that usually means getting a take out or eating an indulgent meal, but I decided to make this lovely meal instead, and it absolutely was a treat, and super fast to make! I love the combo of the chutney with the saltiness of the halloumi, and … Continue reading Cauliflower & Halloumi Salad, Harissa Yoghurt, with Carrot & Ginger Chutney

Sugar Free Blueberry& Lemon Muffins

Hi there, I'm off to a picnic tomorrow with the nursery my son has just started attending, so I've been cooking up batches of finger food to take along that I know most kids will love. I've recently been trying to perfect sugar free muffin recipes that still have a nice sweetness to them, that … Continue reading Sugar Free Blueberry& Lemon Muffins

My Little Man’s Favourite Sweet Potato ‘Fries’

Hi There, Tonight I decided to make my little man some of his favourite sweet potato 'fries'. Of course, these are not fried, but baked, and they are delicious. I make a mixture of ones with skin on and off, as he tends to eat them in 2 ways: 1. He bites down onto the … Continue reading My Little Man’s Favourite Sweet Potato ‘Fries’

Baby Bowls – ‘Left Overs’ Fritters

Hi there, Last night I cooked a beautiful roast chicken, and today I have been busy using up the left overs. I've been making a gorgeous bone broth with the chicken bones, and I have used the broth as part of my chicken and sweetcorn chowder, which also uses the left over chicken (recipes to … Continue reading Baby Bowls – ‘Left Overs’ Fritters

Baby Bowl – Buckwheat Noodles, Spinach & Tomato Sauce

Here is another of my 'Baby Bowls' that are super fast and easy. I made these for my little mans lunch today. We went into Central London to get some lunch at the food stalls at the Southbank - I had an amazing chicken and halloumi souvlaki wrap - and as it was super busy … Continue reading Baby Bowl – Buckwheat Noodles, Spinach & Tomato Sauce

Blackberry & Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Good Morning and happy Sunday! My family are currently staying with us in London, and we need to fuel ourselves for the day, so I decided to make some individual smoothies and smoothie bowls for us. My nephew, who is 4, didn't really like the blackberry smoothie bowl. I think because its not very sweet. … Continue reading Blackberry & Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Harissa Halloumi & Vegetable Couscous

Hi there, This halloumi and vegetable couscous is a surprisingly filling meal considering there's no meat in the dish! This dish is best served immediately so you get the gooey softness of the halloumi and the warmth of couscous, however it is just as good served cold. I'm off for a picnic tomorrow and I … Continue reading Harissa Halloumi & Vegetable Couscous